Monday — Thursday Only

Fresh Lemonade: Fresh Lemon Juice, Sugar, Water, Sliced Lemons, Ice Cubes & Mint Sprigs.

Ice Tea: Southern Sweet Iced Tea, Fresh Strawberry, Fresh Lemon Juice, Sugar & Ice Cubes.

Starbucks Coffee: Chill bottle mocha coffee drink.

Starbucks Refreshers: Sparkling Green Coffee Energy Beverage.

IZZE: Sparkling Juice (Peach, Grapefruit or Cherry Lime with no sugar).

Soft Drink: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Bottle Water.

Beer bottle & Wine

Margarita: Lime or Strawberry.

Sea Breeze: Vodka, Cranberry Juice, Grapefruit Juice, Ice Cubes & Lime Wedge.

Thank You!!!

Please Come Back To See Us

ID Required For All Alcoholic Beverages

Limit One Only